A healthy cash flow is crucial to the success of any business. Access to working capital liquidity can enable a business to make payments on time and allow room for further growth and expansion. But the current overall performance of the economy and increasing market competition can disrupt cashflow with slow or delayed payments by Buyers.

Access to cashflow can be made possible by a number of conventional avenues like bank loans that often involve difficult and lengthily processes along with high interest rates, all of which can negatively impact your business balance sheets.

But the most efficient way to overcome cash flow concerns of your business is through Factoring. Factoring is an efficient alternative liquidity solution that provides Suppliers with immediate access to cash by selling approved invoices ‘Accounts Receivables’, also known as ‘Receivables Finance’, offered at a reasonable discount.

Factoring can offer the following benefit to your business:

  • Factoring offers your business competitive access to on-demand finance.
  • Factoring facilitates tailor-made, short term working capital liquidity solutions depending on the specific cashflow requirements of your business.
  • Factoring is an off-balance sheet, collateral-free alternative to bank loans that does not impact your business negatively.
  • Factoring gives your business the ability to offer flexible credit terms to Buyers, thus improving your business relationships.

Dar Al Tawreeq’s InvoiSME Factoring Program lets your business enjoy the above benefits with easy and efficient access to working capital liquidity. InvoiSME facilitates working capital liquidity to SME suppliers through a streamlined online platform, efficiently facilitating access to finance.

Reap the benefits of Factoring by registering for InvoiSME today.